๐ŸŒด Go on Vacation and We’ll Tell You Which State You Should Move to

If you could move to any U.S. state, which one should it be?

The United States of America has a lot of places that are perfect to settle down in. But do you know which state is best suited for you?

According to statistics, the best state to live in is Massachusetts. It has the best education attainment, with more than two out of every five adults with at least a bachelorโ€™s degree. Since having a higher level of education allows for better economic stability, the state is also home to a considerably low poverty rate.

Another state that is great to live in is Hawaii. It houses some of the wealthiest and healthiest people in the country. Hawaiians are expected to live for 80.6 years; that's 2 years longer than people elsewhere in the country!

Wondering if there's a state that is truly meant for you? Pretend to go on a vacation in this quiz. Your travel preferences will reveal which state is best suited for you to live in. Maybe it's time to move?

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