One of These Words Is Not Like the Others β€” Can You Spot the Odd One Out?

This quiz just might teach you something new.

One of Words Is Not Like Others β€” Can You Spot Odd 1 Ou… Quiz

Calling all linguaphiles and anyone who has a love for learning new English vocabulary. Whether you are a self-professed word buff, or your favorite pastime is playing casual games revolving around word puzzles, anagrams and palindromes, this is a challenging English word quiz that is made for you.

In each question, you are presented with a set of words; all but one share similar meaning. Your task is to pick out the word in each set that does not bear the same meaning as the other three. This may sound simple but it really is not easy. Some answers may seem fairly obvious to you, but I guarantee you that there are at least a few that would leave you scratching your head. Take the quiz and find out if you're a true word whiz. Perhaps you would even add something new to your English vocabulary at the same time!

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One of Words Is Not Like Others β€” Can You Spot Odd 1 Ou… Quiz Questions