If You Did the 15 Things on This List, You Were Definitely a Rebellious Teen

It's a phase everyone goes through.

Being a rebellious teenager is fairly common. Many teens who go through a rebellious phase do so because they're in tension between being independent and still being dependent on their parents. Thankfully most outgrow this stage and turn out to be completely normal adults later on. On the other hand, some teenage rebels never grow up and continue to be that way throughout their adult life.

We can determine how much of a rebel you were based on how you answer these questions. Perhaps you were a huge rebel that never played by the rules and invented some of your own. You might have been just a bit of a rebel who occasionally bent the rules when it suited your needs. Then again, you might have been a complete square who always did what you were told. Take this quiz, answer the questions as honestly as you can and we will let you know what type of rebel you were!

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If You Did 15 Things on This List, You Were Definitely โ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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