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Pick Either ๐Ÿซ Chocolate or ๐Ÿฎ Vanilla Desserts and We’ll Reveal If You’re an Introvert or Extrovert

Dessert is a very personal thing.
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In the world of desserts, chocolate and vanilla are classic flavors that never go out of fashion. Even as newer food trends and more exotic flavors like turmeric and pumpkin spice come along, one can rest assured that the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream will always be here to stay. Phew!

Many desserts and baked treats utilize the combination of vanilla and milk chocolate as the two match up perfectly. Vanilla ice creams are often coated with milk chocolate. Chocolate beverages are commonly added with a splash of vanilla extract to round up the chocolaty flavor.

While chocolate and vanilla often pair up to form something even more wonderful together, it's safe to assume that all of us have our own preferences between the two flavors. This quiz will pit chocolate desserts against vanilla sweet treats. Make your choice between the two in each category, and we'll figure out if you have more of extroversion or introversion tendencies.

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โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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Pick Either Chocolate or Vanilla Desserts to Know If Yoโ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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