Choose Some Disney Guys and We’ll Give You a Hot Celeb Boyfriend

Which celeb will take you on a magic carpet ride?

Pick Disney Guys & We'll Give You a Hot Celeb Boyfriend Quiz

The enchanting fantasy world of Disney princesses is a huge draw for the Walt Disney Company. The fictional heroines have been idolized by young girls and women all over the world through the ages. They are also usually the main protagonists for the Disney animated feature films they are in. As much as the ladies are important, we should also recognize the significant role that their princes play as well.

Every Disney movie has an iconic male character whoโ€™s usually easy on the eyes. Many of us swoon over Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, but did you know he is the only official prince to be saved by his princess? Frozen allowed for the background of its male protagonist, Kristoff, to be fleshed out in the film, something unprecedented with other Disney Princess movies. Despite his difficult upbringing, he became the confident and trusty travel companion for Princess Anna.

In this quiz, you get to ogle at some Disney guys who tickle your fancy. And in turn, get rewarded with a hot celebrity boyfriend - double happiness!

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