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Dress Quiz. Pick Your Favorite Dresses & I'll Guess Your Age
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Some of us simply are not shirts and pants girls. We enjoy the breeziness and easiness of dresses for any occasion, day or night. Never be caught without something to wear again when you have these essentials in your wardrobe.

Widely regarded as the most important piece of clothing you should own, a little black dress gets you through any occasion while looking your best. The shirt dress is a humble piece of clothing that has been in style for a long time and can be worn on a dress down day. A work dress that looks professional and gives you confidence while wearing it is a staple for any wardrobe. This can be your go-to dress for important meetings or job interviews. You should also own a flattering date night dress that will leave you exuding some good old-fashioned confidence on a special evening.

Here's a fun quiz where we can do what many of us secretly wish we could do all day: ogle at dresses! We'll guess your age and height just by what you choose to wear from the following options!

Dress Quiz. Pick Your Favorite Dresses & I'll Guess Your Age Questions