🚯 Can You Guess If These Weird Laws Are Real?

Be careful not to chew gum in THIS city. What is it?

🚯 Can You Guess If These Weird Laws Are Real?
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Every town, city, state, and country has its own set of rules to follow, so as to ensure the best for its people and the area. Laws against jaywalking, littering, and speeding make sense, as they keep citizens safe and the place orderly. However, there are some laws that just seem plain bizarre.

Did you know that in Oklahoma, it is against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7pm? This law came into effect after a public menace case in 1924, when a merchant let his donkey sleep in a bathtub. A flood then washed the tub with the donkey away through town, down a valley into a basin. The townspeople had to spend a lot of time and resources rescuing the poor donkey! Guess Oklahoma didn't want a repeat of the situation, no matter how unlikely it seems, and thus enacted this strange law.

Try to figure out if the following laws are real or we made them up, and see if you can identify the country they are from!

🚯 Can You Guess If These Weird Laws Are Real? Quiz Questions