If You Have Watched 14/20 of These Shows, Then You’re a True Fan of Classic TV

Travel back in time!

Once again it is time to pick up our magic television remote control and head back in TV history! We are taking a nostalgia trip back to the decades that predate these modern times of Netflix and on-demand services. After all, classic TV fans don't need old TV guides to know: TV was just better back then. If you've seen your fair share of shows from the "good old days", then this quiz is made for you.

In this quiz, we have compiled a list of old classic television series. Only the most tuned-in viewers throughout TV history would have seen a large majority of these great TV shows!

So, how many have you watched? Go through the quiz and mark off those that you have seen, whether it was during the show's original run or a rerun. The catch is that you can only count those that you have seen at least one full episode of. Have fun!

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