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Your Stance on These Controversial Foods Will Determine Your Best Quality

Would you care for a fried spider?
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There are some polarizing foods that receive substantial opposition. A dish may look unappetizing but those who are willing to try it will vouch for its amazing taste. However, those who get turned off by its appearance or smell may simply regard the food as disgusting. But that's what food does to people—it elicits passion, both negative and positive.

Cilantro is an example of an ingredient clouded in controversy. Some enjoy the addition of the herb to their dishes, while others think it shares a similar taste with soap. There are also divided opinions on mayonnaise, with fans enjoying it as both a condiment and spread, and haters swearing off of it. Olives have the same effect on people, so much that it became a theory mentioned in the popular show How I Met Your Mother. The Olive Theory states that a good couple has one partner who loves olives and one who hates them. Because there are basically two types of people in the world, right?

Have your say in this controversial food quiz! Tell us if you'd try some of these unusual love-it-or-hate-it dishes. In return, we'll tell you what people love most about you!

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Your Stance on Controversial Foods Will Reveal Your Bes… Quiz Questions

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