🍳 Cook for Your Date and We’ll Predict Your Relationship Status in Two Years

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You think you're a pretty good cook and want to impress a special someone on your next date. You can already see yourself whipping up dishes like the master chef you know you are. Your date marvels at your talent as they take a bite of your aromatic and mouth-watering dishes. Obviously, they will praise your culinary prowess as they declare their love for you. Seems like a natural progression right? Well, if you don't plan out your menu well, may your hopes roast in peace... oops! We mean rest.

Although it is a lot of work, cooking for your date will be worth it. One of the best ways to a person's heart is through food; even Eve offered Adam an apple!

We have the outline of an extraordinary set of dishes that you can cook to wow your loved one. Pick out the menu according to what you think he or she will love and we'll accurately predict what your relationship status will be two years from now.

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