This Crunchy/Chewy Food Test Will Reveal Whether You’re Actually More Logical or Emotional

Does bacon taste better when it's crunchy or chewy?

When it comes to food, do you find yourself favoring one texture over another, be it soft, crispy, chewy, or crunchy? Sometimes you may even find yourself in the mood to enjoy a mix of these different textures all in one dish. If you wish to snack on different foods without consuming too many calories, here are some healthy options.

Feeling like something chewy? Granola bars keep you healthy while putting your mouth to work. The same can be said about dried mango. If you want some sugar with that, you could go for a couple of fruit gummies, just to satisfy the craving. If you're in search of something crunchy, a healthy option would be some celery. In fact, munching on that actually helps you lose more calories than it contains!

In this quiz, decide whether you prefer the crunchy or chewy versions of these popular foods. Your opinions will help us analyze if you're more of a logical person or an emotional one.

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This Crunchy/Chewy Food Test Will Reveal Whether You're… Quiz Questions

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