Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Polarizing Food Choices?

What's your opinion on mayonnaise?

There are certain foods that cause heated debates, dividing people into those who love the food and those who love to hate it. There is no middle ground for such foods; people immediately choose a side and stick to it.

For instance, Marmite, a British spread, has been furiously hated on by people who tried a spoonful and could not stand its salty taste. However, connoisseurs of the food paste enjoy the taste when spread thinly on toasted bread. Does it just come down to a wrong method of application for someone to hate it, or is it just that gross?

In this quiz, we will present you with a series of ingredients that have proven to be topics of contention among avid food lovers. Tell us how much you enjoy or can live without a certain food. You could even be honest if you've never even tried it before. Whatever your opinions are, we can guess your age based off them!

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Can We Guess Your Age by Your Polarizing Food Choices? Quiz Questions

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