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๐ŸŒถ Order Whatever You Want from Nando’s and We’ll Guess Your Age and Gender

Extra hot peri peri or lemon and herb? Your choice reveals more about you than you'd think.
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Nandoโ€™s Peri-Peri is one of the world's most popular chicken chains, with more than a thousand restaurants in nearly three dozen countries. The South African restaurant chain specialises in Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken, piquing the interest of consumers with the choice of spice level in their special peri-peri marinades and sauces. The restaurant has an especially huge following in the UK. In fact, Prince Harry has been spotted making a getaway with Nando's chicken in Fulham!

We're going to let you choose from the variety of dishes on the Nando's menu to your heart's content. Based on your choice of food, we will guess your age AND gender accurately! Sounds fun right?

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โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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