🍔 Build a Gross Burger and We’ll Reveal What You Should Be for Halloween This Year

What would go inside your nightmare burger?

Fast food chains are the go-to place for a burger fix. Although the classics are always loved, once in a while we all like to try something new. To keep up with our demands, the chains have to keep coming up with unique ideas. A lot of them turn out great and are welcomed with fanfare, but sometimes, they simply don't work.

McDonald's appealed to vegetarian fans by coming up with a vegetarian burger option, but swapping the meat for pineapples in a cheeseburger didn't seem like the best choice. Burger King Japan decided to change up how people view a burger, by putting regular toppings, hash browns, and a huge piece of Canadian bacon between black buns. It proved not to be appetizing, however.

In this quiz, you get to build a burger! Usually, we'd say it's one from your dreams, but this one is from your nightmares. Choose the grossest options to make a disgusting burger and we can tell you what your Halloween costume is for this year!

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