What’s Your IQ, Based Only on Your Opinions About Movies?

Are your movie opinions genius level or terrible?

What's Your IQ, Based Only on Your Opinions About Movie… Quiz

It is normal for some people to like or dislike a movie and for others to feel the opposite way about the same film. What is a rarity is when audiences are split with their strong, opposing opinions about a movie, making it a polarizing one. What movies have caused such a reaction in recent memory?

You might have watched the remake of the highly successful Ghostbusters a couple of years ago. On one hand, people thought the reboot found great ways to honor the 1984 film by featuring cameos and dialogues of a similar style to the original. However, some felt this was its downfall, as it was using a recycled concept instead of focusing on this new cast and their great chemistry. What is your opinion on this movie?

In this quiz, we want to turn you into a movie critic. Answer questions about your favorite movies, film series, and remakes. Your opinions will reflect on how smart you are, and what your IQ is!

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What's Your IQ, Based Only on Your Opinions About Movie… Quiz Questions