We Know Which Decade of Life You’re in Based on This Food Quiz

Don't be too freaked out when we get it right.

When it comes to the food we tend to eat, it's mostly a matter of taste. But our tastes change over time - literally. Because as we age, our palates mature with us.

Where sliced cheddar cheese used to be a staple in your grocery basket, as the years pass, you might find yourself eyeing up a ripe goat's cheese instead. At different ages our palates become attuned to certain tastes.

Children crave fat and sugar-packed things and don't tend to lose their extremely sweet teeth until they reach their teenage years. Teenagers badly want to do adult stuff, and will force themselves to ingest things they hate the taste of, such as certain seafood and coffee. We've all been there.

Maturity brings more grown-up (and healthier) eating habits, with an appreciation of robust flavors like game, sour cheese and anchovies.

Thus, it is entirely possible to identify the age group you are in purely by the sorts of food you eat. Don't believe us? Take this food quiz and we'll find out.

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