💍 We Know What Your Engagement Ring Will Look Like Based on the Wedding Cake You Design

Will you say yes to the heart cut?

An engagement ring signifies that a couple is ready to make the lifelong commitment of getting married. It is an important step that requires a lot of thought. When should the proposal take place, where will the venue be, how should it be done, and, more importantly, what kind of engagement ring to propose to the bride with?

An oval cut engagement ring is one of the more popular shapes today. Its classic and elegant aesthetic is perfect for anyone who likes a bit of old-school magic while being on trend. A pear cut ring may not be popular, but it is perfect for a woman who likes to stand out. The uncommon ring also gives the finger an elongated look.

In this quiz, we would like you to design the wedding cake of your dreams! Pick out every detail you want on and in the cake. Your final creation will help us predict what your engagement ring will look like!

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