Only People Who Are 100% Weird Have Done at Least 8/15 of These Things

Do you reread your texts right after sending them?

All of us have habits that we are embarrassed to talk about. It may be because we think others would see these things we do as abnormal. What we don't realize is that many people may have the same habits; it's just that no one will admit it!

Have you ever ended an argument and hours later spent time thinking of a better comeback? We know we won't be able to use that comeback, yet we can't stop going over it in our heads. When you try to spell Wednesday, do you have to say it out phonetically to get the spelling right? Same with spelling February correctly. Nothing to be ashamed about, they're both difficult words! We all have had a song that we listen to over and over again until we get sick of it, even if we knew that would happen. The song's just so catchy!

In this quiz, tell us if you do some of these weird things! As long as you've done at least eight of them, you're surely 100% weird.

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Only People Who Are 100% Weird Have Done 8 of Things Quiz Questions

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