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Pizza or cake?

Pizza or pie? Burger or cheesecake? Pasta or chocolate fondant? It's hard to make a pick when you have so many choices. While tucking into a scrumptious dish at dinner, do you find yourself looking forward to dessert? Many of us have a sweet tooth and aren't satisfied after dinner until that sweet quota is filled. Yet there are some of us that love nothing more than to eat our way through a Big Mac and fries and forgo a sugary treat afterwards.

Is there any kind of connection between the foods we prefer and the sort of personality we have? One of our colleagues, for example, is a little salty around the edges. He's a bit of a cynic, but also the kindest person you would meet. He has a permanent can of hot and spicy potato chips on his desk.

I, on the other hand, see the world through rose-tinted glasses. I also happen to live exclusively for sugar. Cake, cookies, chocolate candy. You name it, I eat it.

In this quiz, you get to pick between having a dinner dish or dessert treat. Your preferences between the two will reveal a truth about you!

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