🍣 You Can Eat Sushi Only If You Get More Than 9/16 on This Quiz

Only by achieving true unagi can you pass this quiz.

Sushi Trivia Quiz

Sushi is an essential part of Japanese cuisine, and is also a food that many people enjoy as a meal all over the world. Fans appreciate the variety and the fact that there's always something for any kind of flavor profile.

Did you know that the very first sushi did not actually come from Japan? The original iteration, fermented fish wrapped in sour rice, was first created along the Mekong River before spreading to China and later Japan. The food has been refined for restaurant dining today, but it began as a cheap theater snack. When it comes to eating raw fish, pufferfish is one you should be wary of, as it contains lethal amounts of poison that a chef needs to go through rigorous training to know how to remove!

In this quiz, we'll test you on everything to do with sushi - types, etiquette, and terms. Do you know enough to pass this quiz? If you don't, you are never allowed to eat another sushi roll ever again!


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