Eat Your Way Around the World and We’ll Figure Out What Your Age Is

This is literally the only way to know.

For many of us, food isn't just there to satisfy our hunger, or even our tastebuds. What we eat, how we eat it, and where, is a lifestyle by itself. There are quite a few studies that found correlations and causal relationships between various taste preferences and psychological variables. When you enjoy sweet foods, for example, you are likely to be more outgoing. Drinking bitter drinks increases interpersonal hostility. As you grow and expose your taste buds to new types of foods, you begin to learn about different flavors and textures.

In this quiz, we are going to calculate what your age is based on your choices in foods from different cuisines around the globe. If you pride yourself on being a food fan, this quiz be particularly interesting for you.

If you would like to find out what your food preferences say about you, then go ahead and take this quiz. There are only two rules to follow: Be as honest as possible, have fun and don't take the results too seriously!

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