๐Ÿฆ• Even Paleontologists Can’t Pass This Extinct Animals Quiz โ€” Can You?

Do you know your extinct animals?

The estimated number of animal species on Earth falls somewhere in the wide range of 3 to 30 million.ย The truth is, experts don't know exactly how many species exist in the world. Even these estimated figures will most likely change at some point.

Unfortunately, one thing we do know for sure is that many animal species areย threatened with extinction. The world has seen the complete disappearance of some species, such as the sabre-toothed tiger, the dodo bird, and the woolly mammoth. Some of the most interesting species ever to walk the planet are no longer alive today. Be it through a changing climate, hunting, or other methods, every animal listed on this quiz has gone extinct.

The extinct species covered here range from those that went extinct millions of years ago to a few who were declared extinct recently. You'll have to know about all of them in order to do well.

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