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๐Ÿด If You Answer “Yes” At Least 15 Times in This Food Quiz, You’re Definitely Fancy

Are you the fanciest of eaters?
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Some foods and ingredients are considered a luxury for many, as they have consistently been revered for their flavor, rarity, and high price. We all know caviar, truffles, and saffron are among the priciest ingredients in the world. These ingredients grace the tables of the most exclusive fine-dining restaurants, and may not be that accessible to the masses.

A person who has been exposed to all kinds of foods and experienced a wide range of cuisines is likely to have cultivated a sophisticated palate. He or she is likely to be more willing to splurge on high-end food items, and thus have had the opportunity to try more exclusive dishes that other people have not.

If you fancy yourself to be a connoisseur of good food, or perhaps you are simply curious to know what your palate has been missing out on, take this quiz to find out if you might be considered a fancy eater or not.

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If You Answer Yes 15 Times in This Food Quiz, You're Definitely Fancy Questions

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