It’s Time to Find Out What Fantasy World You Belong in With the Celebs You Prefer

Haven't you always wanted to live in a fictional world?

Many of us are drawn to celebs who share similar values and interests. Some people are drawn to celebrities who share their own personal preferences and style. For example, if you’re into fashion, you might be drawn to celebrities who are always impeccably dressed, such as Olivia Palermo or Blake Lively. If you’re into fitness, you might be drawn to celebrities who are always posting about their healthy lifestyle and workout routines, such as Kayla Itsines or Joe Wicks.

If you have ever fantasized about living in make-believe worlds, this quiz will tell you which fictional world you are most suited for based on the celebs you like. Fictional worlds are often created by authors to provide a setting for their stories. These worlds can be based on real places, or they can be completely imaginary. A fictional world often has its own history, geography, and inhabitants. Choose your preferred celebs in various categories and they will lead you to your fantasy world.

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