Fight Some Marvel Villains and We’ll Reveal If You Survived the Infinity War

Fight Loki or Hela? You decide.

As much as we get drawn to a Marvel movie to watch our favorite heroes save the day, the show will never be as exciting without a formidable villain standing in their way. Thanks to the magnificent pens that give some of these characters a swagger, a villainous plan, and a well-fleshed out being, there are times that viewers feel conflicted on who to side with.

A likeable villain that features in multiple Marvel movies is Loki. Unlike other villains who are conniving and evil, the god of mischief was more of a flawed hero, cast aside by his biased adoptive father and overshadowed by his arrogant brother. Yet despite his pitiful state of affairs, Loki doesn't give up his quest for power, and have viewers rooting for him at the same time. Another great villain is Erik Killmonger from Black Panther, who simply wanted his native country to share its resources with other unfortunate people like him. Even at the end, he went out like a true warrior.

Decide which of these Marvel villains make worthy opponents. Take them on in a fight, and we'll tell you whether you're still alive, or dead, after the events in the climax of the Infinity War.

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