If You Get 11/15 on This Final Jeopardy Quiz, You’re a “Jeopardy!” Genius

Warning: Extremely hard quiz ahead.

All of the questions in this quiz were actually asked on recent editions of Final Jeopardy. So don't go into thisย Jeopardyย quiz thinking that it is going to be easy. These questions were all chosen for the most difficult section of the entire game show.ย Jeopardy likes to use really challenging or tricky questions to close out the game and all of these questions were featured in that segment.

If you can get most questions right on this quiz, we are certain you might do really well if you were to audition for the actual show. Consider this quiz as something of a starting point for you. If you can hold your own and answer some of these very difficult Final Jeopardy questions then you are most likely smart enough to be aย Jeopardy contestant yourself. See how well you do on this quiz and then maybe consider auditioning for the show.

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If You Get 11 on This Final Jeopardy Quiz, You're Jeopardy! Genius Questions

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