Make Some Difficult Food Choices and We’ll Reveal If You’re More Logical or Emotional

Which one has to go - cookie dough or chocolate mint ice cream?

There are a lot of us who choose to reward ourselves with comfort food after a bad day or snack on treats to lift our spirits. This may seem like a harmless system when done sparingly, but letting it get out of hand may be detrimental to your health.

"Emotional eating" is using food to make yourself feel better. The term comes from the wanting to satisfy your emotional needs and not your actual hunger. This also applies to eating out of boredom or convenience. When emotional eating becomes your first impulse each time things get rough, you're putting yourself in the midst of an unhealthy cycle. Emotional hunger will never be fulfilled by food and instead, we should address our problems in more effective ways.

In this quiz, you're going to have to make some difficult decisions on your favorite food. Pick out the food items you can give up for good and we'll tell you if you're more of a logical or emotional person. Seems easy? Wait till you see what food we've got in store for you.

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