Can We Guess the Food You Love from the Food You Hate?

Do we know what you love?

It is normal for us to have a preference for some foods over others since our taste profiles are always evolving. The more food we eat, the more our palates are exposed to different flavors. This helps us appreciate more food items from different cuisines and cultures. However, there are some foods you may have loved when you were younger, but can't stand the taste of now.

You might have been jumping for some Jell-O as a child, but now you detest gelatin altogether. You can still get it down with some alcohol though! You probably enjoyed Dunkaroos in school. However, right now, the cookie and frosting combination seems mediocre at best. You may also feel the same way about Handi-Snacks, or just about any combination of cheese and crackers.

In this quiz, identify some of the foods you detest and to what degree you hate them. Your ratings will help us guess the food you actually can't live without.

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Can We Guess the Food You Love from the Food You Hate? Quiz Questions

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