⚔️ Only a True Maester Will Get 12/15 on This “Game of Thrones” Quotes Quiz

"A Lannister always pays his debts."

The characters from Game of Thrones have spent the better part of 8 seasons trying to outmaneuver one another. Throughout the events in Westeros, many words of wisdom have slipped out of the mouths of those who call the realm home.

Several quotes from the show have gone viral, often-repeated, and become famous. There are as many well-known quotes from Game of Thrones as there are for the many blockbuster films which have been released in the same time period combined. Some of these quotes contain pearls of deep wisdom while others simply serve as a symbol for the show's themes.

Can you match these quotes with the characters who said them? If you believe you are a Game of Thrones fanatic, then test your memory with this quiz. Only the top Game of Thrones experts can correctly identify the characters who said these words. If you score at least a 12 on this quiz, then you will prove that you are among the most knowledgeable of Game of Thrones fans.

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