Can You Go 20/20 on This General Knowledge Quiz Where All the Answers Are Numbers?

Got a knack for numbers? Let's go!

Fancy yourself a general knowledge quiz buff? Well, here is a quiz to put all that trivia knowledge to the test. We've got 20 questions lined up spanning a wide range of topics and subjects, and it's your job to figure out the right answers. What makes this quiz different from other random knowledge tests is that the answers to all questions are numerical. Some would say that makes things a tad harder, as your knowledge of the subjects will need to be super precise and accurate in order for you to pick out the correct number to answer each question.

Do you tend to know a lot about science and technology, but nothing about sports and literature, and even math? Or are you a jack of all trades? It's time to challenge what you know with these fun trivia quiz questions. Let's try to get all 20 questions right!

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Can You Go 20 on This General Knowledge Quiz Where All Answers Are Numbers? Questions

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