Only Gen X’ers Will Pass This Pop Culture Quiz

All other generations are free to try though.

Generation X is an interesting group of people. They are sort of stuck in the middle between the older and younger generations currently on the planet that seem to have so little in common with each other. Perhaps the baby boomer generation and millennials seem to be in such contrast with each other because people from Generation X generally stay out of the discussion. They are off listening to their Sonic Youth or Run DMC albums and are generally too apathetic to argue with boomers or millennials.

Gen X'ers have a very unique shared culture, in terms of the music, films, and world events that are centered around their generation. This quiz will test your knowledge of Generation X pop culture. It covers the '80s, '90s and all the wonderful things that occurred in those two unique decades. If you think you have Generation X cultural expertise then you will want to test your knowledge with this quiz.

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Only Gen X'ers Will Pass This Pop Culture Quiz Questions

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