How Much Random 1980s Knowledge Do You Have?

Did you have first-hand experience with the decade?

The 1980s were a very bizarre time. It was as if the decade tried to get as far away from the '60s as possible and they weren't entirely too pleased with the '70s either. Music changed, fashion changed, and world events began to move us into a whole new era altogether. The '80s were almost like society wanted to be in the 21st century but we didn't quite have the technology to do so yet. The mentality was there, however, even if the computers and phones were way too big still.

Perhaps you lived in the eighties and stored up quite a bit of knowledge and first-hand experience on the decade or perhaps you are just someone who was really into new wave music but either way, you might do just fine on this quiz here. If you want to test yourself on knowledge of a decade 30 to 40 years in the past then this quiz is for you.

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How Much Random 1980s Knowledge Do You Have? Quiz Questions

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