Your Feelings Toward These Gross-Sounding Words Will Reveal Your Most Polarizing Quality

Does the word "moist" make you shudder?

Your Feelings Toward Gross-Sounding Words Will Reveal Y… Quiz

The English language is filled with words that are a pleasure to hear. Yet there are also some words that make your skin crawl as soon as they are mentioned. From moist to pus to dangle, such words instantly evoke horrible feelings. But do you know why?

We think that such objectionable words are obviously ones that sound disgusting. Words that contain the letters 'b', 'g', 'm', 'u' and 'o' tend to be gross due to the sound they make. But research has also shown that we may hate words based on their associations. Words that relate to uncomfortable things equally irk us. Imagine hearing words related to bodily functions with the aforementioned 'phonetically abrasive' letters. Ew!

Tell us how grossed out you get by the following words. Your honest word opinions will reveal which of your qualities creates the most polarizing sentiments in the people around you!

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