Half the Population Can’t Pass This Basic Geography Quiz, And I Doubt You Can Either

Do you need to go back to school?

Half Population Can't Pass This Basic Geography Quiz, & I Doubt You Can Either

Earth is an immensely vast place, home to 7.7 billion people and almost 200 countries. There is a lot to know about the world and how humans interact with it.

This quiz is for the geography buffs, those who love the act of learning so much that it transcends subject matter. Now, that doesn't mean that memorizing a dozen or so factoids will make you the most intelligent person amongst your peers. No, increasing your knowledge is more about having a sincere curiosity about learning more about the world around you.

In this quiz, we are going to test how much you know about basic geography. If you want to learn more about geography, this is the quiz for you. Complete this quiz to find out how knowledgeable you are when it comes to geography. Do you have what it takes to pass this quiz with flying colors? There's only one way to find out!

Quiz Playlist

Geography Trivia Quizzes
  1. Can You Make It Through the Geography Version of “Two Truths and a Lie”?
  2. Whenever Someone Tells Me They Know a Lot About Geography, I Ask Them to Take This Quiz
  3. Make Yourself Proud Today by Passing This Unreasonably Difficult 24-Question Geography Quiz
  4. 🌏 These Brainteasers About Asian Countries Will Stump Most Geography Experts
  5. 🌎 Only a Geography Teacher Will Find This Quiz as Easy as Pie
  6. If You Get 20/25 on This Geography True or False Test, You’re Smarter Than 95% Of People
  7. β›ˆ If You Can’t Pass This Weather Quiz, You Need to Go Back to School
  8. Only 2% Of People Can Get a Perfect Score on This Geography Quiz β€” Can You?
  9. 🌍 These Brainteasers About African Countries Will Stump Most Geography Experts
  10. Unfortunately, Only 2 in 5 Can Pass This πŸ—ΊοΈ Geography Test β€” Let’s See If You’re One of Them
  11. Nobody Can Get Full Marks on This 24-Question Geography Test Except for Legitimate Scholars β€” Let’s See If You Can Do It
  12. 6-Letter Countries Quiz – Can You Identify All 30 of Them?
  13. These Questions About US States Were Actually Asked on “Jeopardy!” β€” Can You Get 12/15?
  14. It’s That Easy β€” Score Big on This 30-Question ‘Round the World Quiz to Win
  15. It’s That Easy β€” Get More Than 17/25 on This Geography Test to Win
  16. This U.S. Geography Quiz Stumps 90% Of American Students β€” Can You Pass It?
  17. 🌎 If You Can Pass This Geography Test You Are Hands Down the Smartest Person Ever
  18. Can You Get 19/25 on This Genius-Level European Flags Quiz That’s on Hard Mode?
  19. How Good Is Your Geography Knowledge?
  20. πŸ—ΊοΈ This Geography Quiz Will Separate the Experts from the Pretenders
  21. These Brainteasers About South American Countries Will Stump Most Geography Experts
  22. Unless You Have an Encyclopedic Knowledge, You Won’t Be Passing This Letter ‘B’ Geography Challenge
  23. You Were Probably Your Teacher’s Favorite Student If You Can Get Over 14/20 on This Geography Quiz
  24. If You Can Pass This Geography Quiz You Are a Certified Genius
  25. If You Think You Know a Lot About the World, Prove It by Scoring 15/22 on This Geography Quiz
  26. 5-Letter Countries Quiz – Can You Identify All 26 of Them?
  27. If You Can Pass This Quiz, Holy Heck Your Geography Is Good
  28. You Probably Aren’t That Good in Geography, But If You Are, Try This Quiz
  29. This Geography Trivia Quiz Gets Progressively Harder, And I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Pass
  30. Can You Prove Yourself a Geo-Genius with Our ‘G’ in Geography Quiz?


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Half Population Can't Pass This Basic Geography Quiz, & I Doubt You Can Either Questions