The Hardest General Knowledge True/False Quiz You’ll Take This Year

You've got a 50% chance of getting each question right. Can you do it?

You may think you're a real general knowledge buff. After all, you may have a long history of answering questions about anything and everything correctly. How would you do in a quiz where you only have two options for every question - true or false? Easy peasy right?

In this quiz, you will have to figure out if the statements presented to you are facts or lies. Think that's easy? Here's one statement for you to dip your toes in - almost one-quarter of all your bones are found in your feet. Do you think that's true or false? You probably have heard the popular myth that the Great Wall of China is visible from the moon. Do you know for sure if this claim has been proven to be true, or has it been busted?

Now it's time to take on the full quiz and figure out which of the following "facts" are true or false. Challenge your brain and try to score as high as possible.

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The Hardest General Knowledge True/False Quiz You'll Take This Year Questions

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