Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Hipster Food Choices?

Would you fancy some cloud eggs?

Hipsters are sometimes associated with being pretentious, going out of their way to be different. This makes it difficult to trust their choices or recommendations. However, we can confirm that they may be on to something when it comes to food.

Artisanal popsicles may seem like an unnecessary take on a simple treat, but with the right additions, the frozen snack is elevated to a better taste profile. Matcha-honeydew or ginger-butternut squash popsicles are something adventurous foodies could try, but if you're not as daring, stick with something like banana-chocolate. A basic grilled cheese may be the ultimate comfort food, but making it gourmet and hipster-style with the addition of bacon and seasoning brings it to another level.

In this quiz, choose some of the hipster-approved foods and drinks that appeal to you the most. Your hipster food decisions will help us come up with an educated guess on how old you are!

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Can We Guess Your Age by Your Hipster Food Choices? Quiz Questions

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