🍁 Can We Actually Guess Your Favorite Season by Your Taste in 🥧 Fall Foods?

We're 25% sure we can get this one right.

Fall is the best time of year for comfort food. The leaves are changing color, the air is getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter. This is the time of year when comfort foods are at their best.

There are so many great seasonal foods to choose from. One popular choice is pumpkin pie. Don't you just love the way the spices smell when they are baking in the oven? Another favorite is apple cider. It is the perfect drink to warm up with on a cool fall day.

Fall is also a great time for country cooking, think hearty stews and casseroles that warm you up from the inside out. And of course, no fall meal would be complete without a big slice of warm, freshly baked bread.

So what exactly does your preferences when it comes to different kinds of fall foods reveal about your favorite season? Take this quiz and find out for yourself!

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