How Close Are You to Being a ‘Karen’?

Are you a bit of a Karen?

How Close Are You to Being a ‘Karen’?
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The term "Karen" is being used to reference entitled and often racist women. It has been a fairly controversial addition to pop culture lately. The term is generally reserved for women but with a little creativity you can use it for people of any gender. A Karen is someone who often asks to speak to the manager, calls the police on people for perceived offences, and often engages in racist behavior. Don’t be a Karen.

The name "Karen" being used in this way is a bit of a blow for nice and respectable people who just so happened to be named Karen. Those Karens likely have a huge ax to grind with the Karen-like Karens who ruined their name. There’s a chance you are a Karen, or at least, have a bit of Karen-ness in you. We can actually tell based on your responses to the questions on this quiz. If you would like to know whether or not you are a Karen, then take this quiz and answer the questions as honestly as you can.

How Close Are You to Being a ‘Karen’? Quiz Questions