What % Dark Are You?

How dark is your soul?

All of us have a dark side to our personality. We may have forbidden thoughts that we keep well hidden from others, shoved back into the dark recesses of our mind. There's nobody on this planet who isn't a little bit morbid from time to time.

Perhaps you are someone fascinated with morbid curiosities about death and other subjects. These types of people may show an interest in dark tourism; that is to say, they enjoy traveling to places historically associated with death and tragedy just for fun! For others, however, they don't let the unpleasant side of life encroach on their personality too much. These people tend to focus more on the positive and light-hearted aspect of the world. They enjoy sunny days, smiling faces, and other happy things.

Some of us have a darker soul than others do. Take this quiz, and we will reveal the exact percentage of your personality that is on the dark side.

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