😺 How Much of a Cat Person Are You?

Are you a slave to your cat?

Cats are the best! Cats are these little furry creatures that love our attention, enjoy catnip, and sometimes tasty treats which we leave on the ground for them to eat. That they have become such an ingrained part of our society is truly to the benefit of human beings.

As a result of the objective awesomeness of cats, new types of humans have actually begun to develop. Cat ladies have become a common stereotype in today's media and culture, although a more gender-inclusive term is "cat person". It's no secret why some people become so obsessed with cats, the real mystery is why the rest of society isn't more like them.

If you would like to find out exactly how much of a cat person you are, then you'll want to take this quiz, and we will let you know where you rank amongst other noble cat people.

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