๐Ÿ˜ผ Live as a Cat for a Day to Find Out What % Evil You Are

Take cat naps whenever you want.

There are many good reasons why anyone would want to live like a cat.ย Cats enjoy a good work-life balance, they take naps whenever they like, and they've even managed to enslave humans and manipulate them by simply purring.

Cats are mischievous little creatures. They like to go on adventures, investigate strange occurrences, and hide when there is uncertainty and danger afoot. On any given day a cat will face any number of choices. Mind you, many of these choices have to do with where to sleep, what to eat, and what to play with, but to a cat, these are important life decisions akin to us deciding on a career, relationships, and more.

We can actually tell a lot about who you are based solely on the decisions you make while living the life of a cat. Pretend to be a cat for the day, and we'll let you know what percentage evil you are.

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