🐱 Is Your Cat Secretly Plotting Against You?

Do you even know what it's thinking?

We don't want to alarm you but there's a chance your cat is plotting to kill you. This is not something you should take personal offence to, however, as the vast majority of cats are plotting against someone for something. Cats are a very mischievous and crafty species and their intelligence has been vastly underestimated by humans over the years. They are friends with our species but don't think for one second that in a pinch a cat wouldn't know how to take you down if it really needed to.

Cats have been studying us the entire time we've been fooled into thinking we've domesticated them. Cats are not domesticated, they have actually domesticated us and we are their servants.

To know for sure once and for all if your cat is plotting against you, take this quiz and we will let you know if you have cause for concern about your beloved pet.

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