How Obsessed With Food Are You?

Do you love food more than people?

We all love to treat ourselves with our favorite food from time to time. But there are some of us who take it one step further. These are the people that don't just eat food, they are obsessed with it. So how would you know if you are one?

It may seem normal, but if food is your answer to stress or rewarding yourself, your obsession may be clearer. It's unhealthy for you to deal with anything immediately with food. It's not the best to eat when you don't feel hungry, as well. Your physical hunger isn't as important to you as just eating your favorite dishes. Another telltale sign of your obsession is eating differently with people around as compared to when you're alone. That makes it seem like you have an unhealthy obsession with food you don't want people seeing.

Use this quiz to find out how obsessed with food you actually are! Just answer the following questions truthfully.


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How Obsessed With Food Are You? Quiz Questions

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