👶🏻 We Know How Old You Are and How Old You Act Based on These Strange Questions

We know how old you ~really~ are!

The age that you celebrate on your birthday is known as your chronological age. But there's also such a thing as the biological age. This refers to how well, or how poorly, you are aging. Another measure is your mental age, which is based on your mental capacity and your interests.

Your mental age can seem far off from your chronological age if you enjoy things that people around your age group wouldn't usually like. For instance, during a time when women obsess over modern boybands like the Backstreet Boys and One Direction, if you were to be fascinated by The Beatles, you probably have an old soul or a more mature mental age.

In this quiz, we can figure out how old you are and how old you behave. All you have to do is answer the following questions. They may seem a bit strange and random, but hey, anything in the name of science right?


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We Know Your Age & How Old You Act by Strange Questions Quiz Questions

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