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Are you naughty or nice?

Am I Nice?
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It is very difficult to find genuinely good people in today's society. We have to consider if someone is being nice only to get something in return or if that's just who they are. For truly nice people, there are various struggles when it comes to facing such cynicism.

People who have just met you may not think your niceness is genuine because they are not used to how positive you are. If you're nice to someone, they may assume you're interested in them romantically. Nice people tend to stick through difficult times just so they don't hurt anyone's feelings. They usually find themselves to be the one compromising - they'd do anything so that others are happy at the end of the day, even at the expense of themselves.

In this quiz, you can find out how nice of a person you are! Tell us how often you do the following things and we'll let you know exactly how nice you tend to be.

Am I Nice? Quiz Questions