This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Officially Determine How Privileged You Are

How lucky have you been in this game called life?

Privilege Test

The Comprehensive Privilege Test

How privileged are you? Privilege is a special right or advantage granted or made available only to a particular person or select group. Our privilege test allows you to check your privilege in an introspective and non-judgmental way.

In modern society, there are privileges enjoyed only by the rich, the famous, or the educated. These people get certain benefits that others outside the group do not have access to. Hunger, fear, disability, pain, poverty, and discrimination are some of the things that the privileged may never get to experience.

There are also some things that should be known as needs rather than privileges, and are being hotly debated. Education, for one, is clearly important to every individual but not necessarily offered to every child in the world. So, if you've had a good education, you can be considered kind of lucky.

Exploring Privilege with Our Quiz

We all carry an invisible backpack, filled with experiences, circumstances, and identities that shape our lives. Some of these elements, like access to education or socioeconomic background, can unconsciously grant us advantages we may not even realize. This isn't about blame or shame, but about understanding how these "backpack contents" influence our perspectives and how we navigate the world.

This privilege quiz isn't a magic wand that reveals a definitive "privilege score." Instead, it's an invitation to unpack your own backpack, examine its contents with honesty and curiosity, and embark on a personal journey of self-discovery. You'll encounter questions that may feel uncomfortable, challenge biases, and spark reflection.

No judgment, just gentle exploration. By taking our privilege test, you'll:

  • Gain insights into your own experiences: Examine how your upbringing, family background, and access to resources shaped your opportunities and challenges.
  • Break down assumptions: Question ingrained beliefs about privilege and its manifestations, opening doors to new perspectives.
  • Spark empathy and understanding: Reflecting on your own backpack can help you appreciate the diverse journeys of others, fostering inclusive conversations and building bridges.
  • Uncover areas for growth: Recognizing personal privileges isn't about self-flagellation, but about identifying areas where we can use our advantages to advocate for equality and dismantle systemic inequalities.

How Privileged Are You?

Ready to delve into your backpack? Click the button below and embark on this introspective journey. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just an open mind and a willingness to learn. This quiz is a starting point, a catalyst for conversation and continued reflection.

So, let's unpack together, one question at a time, and pave the way for a more equitable and understanding world. All you have to do is answer yes or no to the following questions. Be honest on whether you've experienced these things and you'll get an accurate result.

Quiz Playlist

Have You Ever...? Quizzes
  1. You’re Not a Picky Eater If You’ve Eaten 18/25 of the Foods on This List
  2. Can We Guess Your Age Based on This List of Tasks?
  3. If You’ve Seen at Least 20 of These Recent Emmy-Nominated Shows, You’re a TV Expert
  4. If You Do at Least 8/15 of These Things, You’re a Low Maintenance Girl
  5. ✈️ How Many of the 20 Best Countries for Tourists Have You Visited?
  6. 🍍 You Haven’t Really Lived Unless You’ve Tried at Least 12 of These Tropical Fruits
  7. 🍭 Tell Us If You’d Eat These International Candies and We’ll Guess If You’re an Introvert or Extrovert
  8. 🍣 If You’ve Never Eaten 22/29 of These Japanese Foods, You’re Seriously Missing Out
  9. If You’ve Done 15/25 of These Things Then You’re an Extremely Nice Person
  10. ❤ If You Answer Yes to Just Half of These Questions, You’ve Found the Love of Your Life
  11. 🍨 Can We Guess the Decade of Life You’re in Based on the Ice Cream You’ve Tried?
  12. 🌶 Only a Person Who Can Handle the Heat Will Have Eaten 13/25 of These Spicy Foods
  13. 🍟 If You’ve Eaten 14/22 of These Foods in the Past Month, Then You’re Probably a Fussy Eater
  14. 🥩 If You’ve Eaten 14/27 of These Meats, You’re Definitely a Carnivore
  15. 🥜 If You’ve Eaten 12/18 of These, You’re Nuts About Nuts
  16. If You Do 9/17 of These Things You’re Probably Emotionally Unavailable
  17. Only a True Pixar Fan Has Watched 18/21 of These Movies
  18. If You and Your Partner Have Done Most of These 🤢 “Gross” Things, You’ll Be Together Forever
  19. If You Like 22 of These 30 Things Then You Definitely Have a Weakness for Crunchy Food
  20. 🥔 Can We Guess Your Generation Based on the Different Ways You’ve Eaten Potatoes?
  21. Only True Fans Will Have Seen 14/22 of These Top Zombie Movies of All Time 🧟
  22. This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Officially Determine If You’re a Hipster
  23. 👵 If You Have 12/23 of These Things at Home, Then You’re Definitely a Grandma
  24. 🧀 If You’ve Eaten 14/27 of These Foods, You’re a Cheese Addict
  25. If You Do at Least 9/17 of These Things, You’re a Real Lazy Girl
  26. The Average American Has Visited 12 US States — How Many Have You Been To?
  27. Sorry, If You Do at Least 9/17 of These Things, You’re Not a Nice Person
  28. If You Have Done 50% Or More of These Things, I Regret to Inform You That You Are Gross 🤮
  29. If You Do 9/17 of These Things, You’re Officially High Maintenance
  30. Here Are 34 Classic Sitcoms — How Many Have You Actually Seen?


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