🍦 If You’ve Tried 15/24 of These Flavors, You’re a True Ice Cream Fan

Ever tried beer ice cream?

Ice cream is great. Actually, it's really great. Cones drizzled with silky hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles, sundaes piled high with multi-colored scoops of creamy goodness with fluffy whipped cream. Can you think of anything better than having a scoop or two of cool, creamy ice cream on a sweltering summer day?

We all have our favorite tried-and-tested flavors, but there is an eternally growing list of decadent new varieties to try, which is a win for everyone out there with a sweet tooth. Mainstays like vanilla and chocolate will always find a place in our hearts, while new flavors evolve to excite the most ardent ice cream fan.

Are you a self-professed ice cream connoisseur? Do you pride yourself in being an adventurous eater in the realm of frozen delights? Let's see how many of these ice cream flavors you have tried and where you rank up amongst fellow ice cream fans!

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