If You Do 9/17 of These Things You’re Probably Emotionally Unavailable

Are you practically a robot?

If You Do 9 of Things You're Probably Emotionally Unava… Quiz

When you fall in love with someone new, you start dreaming about how perfect your life will be together. Things may seem to fall naturally in place for the two of you to be together, but you can't confirm whether this person is right for you until you assess his emotional availability.

The biggest telltale of an emotionally unavailable person is when he behaves like an emotionless robot. Whether he is happy, angry, or upset, you can't read his face because it's the same for all of these emotions. Such people may also not treat others nicely. They've been hurt and they don't have the ability to put away their anger when interacting with others. They're evasive, make excuses, or are just inept when it comes to talking about feelings or the relationship.

In this quiz, find out if you are ready for a healthy, new relationship! If you've done the majority of the following things, you're probably emotionally unavailable.

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  2. If You Have Done 50% Or More of These Things, I Regret to Inform You That You Are Gross 🤮
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  9. 🥔 If You’ve Eaten 20/28 of These Foods, You’re a Real Potato Lover
  10. 🌮 If You’d Try 21/29 of These Street Foods, You’re Definitely an Adventurous Eater
  11. If You Do 9/17 of These Things, Then You Are Super Distracted
  12. If You and Your Partner Have Done Most of These 🤢 “Gross” Things, You’ll Be Together Forever
  13. The Average American Has Visited 12 US States — How Many Have You Been To?
  14. 🍴 If You Answer “Yes” At Least 15 Times in This Food Quiz, You’re Definitely Fancy
  15. We Know How Relaxed You Are Based on the Self-Care Activities You’ve Done Recently
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  17. 🍰 If You’ve Eaten 18/22 of These Things, You’re Obsessed With Cakes
  18. 🧀 If You’ve Eaten 14/27 of These Foods, You’re a Cheese Addict
  19. These Are the 🥑 Healthiest Foods in the Human Diet, According to AI. 🍄 How Many Have You Been Eating?
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  24. 👶 This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Reveal If You Have Young Kids
  25. If You Have at Least 12/23 of These Foods in Your Kitchen, You’re Officially Middle-Class
  26. Sorry Gen Z’ers, Only Millennials Will Have Seen at Least 17/33 of These Movies
  27. If You’ve Seen 20/39 of the Films That’ve Made Over $1 Billion, You’re a Real Movie Buff
  28. This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Officially Determine If You’re a Hipster
  29. Take This “Never Have I Ever” Quiz and We’ll Tell You What % Cool You Are
  30. 🍪 Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Many of These Chocolate Things You’ve Tried?


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