Is Your Vocabulary Better Than the Average Person?

Do these words leave you scratching your head?

Expanding one's vocabulary is a powerful and often underrated way to improve the quality of our communication with others. As TV sitcoms have taught us, most difficult situations and conflicts between people are caused by poor communication. The larger the number of words you have to effectively describe your feelings, thoughts, and opinions, the higher the chance it will be for you to avoid miscommunication with others.

It is certainly helpful for us to actively seek to expand our vocabularies. A vast vocabulary enables us to quickly interpret ideas from others, express our own ideas and boosts our power of persuasion. If you are not challenging yourself to learn new words constantly then the chances of you discovering words that will become useful for you lessen.

To know if you already have a rich vocabulary, take this quiz, answer the questions contained within, and you'll be able to tell if you actually know more words than the average person.

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Is Your Vocabulary Better Than the Average Person? Quiz Questions

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