🤬 Would You Know If Someone Insulted You in a Highly Sophisticated Way?

Don't be a smellfungus.

Ever found yourself in a conversation where someone used a word that you didn't know? It happens to all of us. Some of us may pretend to understand, nod along, and try to move the conversation along. That may work out fine, but it can also lead to certain misunderstandings. A worse thing that may happen is when you're in the heat of an argument with someone, and the person throws out an insult at you that you do not understand at all, and it's not like you can seek clarification in that moment.

To prepare you for such scenarios, this quiz tests you on your knowledge of certain intellectual and sophisticated insults that you may encounter. Whether you need a really good comeback; a way of insulting someone in classy fashion in the group chat; or something to call the annoying driver in front of you who doesn't use his turn signal, this quiz is guaranteed to teach you something new that may come in handy.

We hope you don't find this quiz insipid.

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